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Dr Leah Munyao, Kenya School of Government Director of Academic Affairs gives her address during the 6th TTC Principals’ Annual Conference.

Job evaluation good for your progress, TTC heads told

By Azael Masese

Kenya School of Government Director of Academic Affairs, Dr Leah Munyao has told teacher training college principals that there is nothing wrong when their promotion or retention is pegged on performance.
Munyao stated the culture of being employed on permanent basis must come to an end and be guided by what one delivers.
“When on contract, you constantly explore better ways to improve standards to improve the results and this is the way to go,” she said.
Speaking to Teacher Training College Principals Association’s 6th Annual conference at The Reef Hotel Mombasa, she said that job evaluation makes the workforce energized, set higher goals and keep working towards achieving their targets.
This comes at a time when the acting Education Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiang’I has asked the management of all public universities to cease hiring of staff on permanent and pensionable basis,
Addressing university vice chancellors and council members at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies, the CS said that university employees will be employed on contractual basis.
He said: “The model is the best to scout talent and one has to prove oneself to get a promotion”.
Teachers Service Commission (TSC) chairperson Lydia Nzomo noted that they are not reinventing the wheel but seeking to change tact and improve what has been done before.
The TSC boss said education managers and teachers have been urged to embrace performance contracting and appraisals as key cogs to improving the quality of education in the country.
“These are not threats but tools to measure the effectiveness of an employee annually or periodically and identify how much you apply the design systems employed,” she stated.
Dr Nzomo noted that since its introduction, education standards have remarkably improved.
The conference brings together the country’s teacher training college principals to review some of the progress made and areas that need more attention in teacher training in the country.
For the teaching professionals and the teachers involved, she observed, this is positive dialogue, reinforcement on the agreed targets and how they are going to be achieved.
“You should be proud and willing to be evaluated as there is accountability and sense of openness in the whole process,” she advised.

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