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The Director-General at the Ministry of Education, Robert Masese with Kakamega High Principal Oliver Minishi at the school during a Prize-Giving Day at the institution.

Sports well placed in new curriculum

By Cally Imbayi.

Kakamega High School Principal Oliver Minishi has said that the new curriculum has incorporated sports as a subject to enable, a those interested to earn a living from it after school to do so.
He said Kenya should borrow a leaf from Ghana where sports is seen as an industry and not as leisure. “If a student is good in football, he can take up such subjects as refereeing, coaching or instructor and then proceed to university after secondary school,” said Minishi.
He praised UNICEF for supporting sports development in several schools, including rugby and basketball at Maseno School, football and rugby at Kakamega High, rugby and basketball at Upper Hill, Volleyball at, Shimba Hills and athletics at Moko School.
Minishi added that the new education curriculum can include games like football, rugby, volleyball as subjects or construct a subject that puts these games together and be assimilated in the new curriculum.
He said Kakamega High has been able to maintain its prowess in the game due to its investment in elaborate training programmes.
“We are involving qualified personnel to train the students over the holidays. We have brought in Mr. Barnabas Lihanda to train the students on goalkeeping. Some of the goalkeepers from Kakamega School have already joined the Kenya Premier League,” said Minishi.
Minishi said Kakamega School is currently performing well in football and is optimistic that Kakamega’s Green Commandos team will join the Kenya Premier League (KPL).

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