Tuesday , January 16 2018
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Duksi Islamic schools enrol pupils

By Amoto Dennis.

Duksi the Islamic memorization school is one of the oldest educational institutions in the world.
According to Mohamed Giro, the local Duksi enjoys a larger enrolment than secular schools.
He said the Duksi are compulsory learning institutions wide spread in villages and urban areas in Garissa.
The learners in Islamic schools are tutored by Maalims or Sheiks well versed in Holy Koran verses.
“Research has shown that children who attend Duksi school perform better in secular schools academic work,’’ he noted.
“Children usually enroll at Duksi at the age of six, with lessons beginning with learning the ‘Alfamale’ or the ‘Arabic alphabet which has 28 letters unlike western one with 26 letters,” he said.

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