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Guests, Nixon Omondi and George Omondi at the Education day event at Kanga Primary School.

Be role models to your children, parents told

By John Ochieng.

Parents have been told to be role models to their children.
While presiding over Kanga Primary Education Day, George Omondi who was the chief guest said children acquire a lot from their parents at early stages of life.
He said both teachers and parents play a pivotal role in shaping and giving dimension to the future bearing of the young ones.
Omondi added that children have lost moral authority as those who are supposed to learnt from have equally been absent from the scene making peer influence to form a core basis of reference to children.
Omondi who is the school alumni decried the rate at which the boy-child is dropping out of school as a lot of emphasis and sensitization has been put on girl child.
He said most boys have dropped out of school venturing into motorbike business with a misguided mission of making quick money.
He added that due to the misconception, they end up being drug addicts exposing them to infections including HIV and Aids.

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