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ADVERTORIAL: A New and Better Way to Prepare for KCPE 2017 and other Exams

Kenya Exam Center is a new powerful E-Learning interactive website for primary school students and teachers in classes 4 to 8 for educational content and exam preparation.

The platform is designed to measure knowledge and skills, promote learning performance and support education. The website has practice exams such as KNEC KCPE past papers 2000 – 2015 in all subjects, continuous assessment tests (CAT’s) from international schools that are done online and automatically graded and results provided instantly.

After each attempt a student can review all question showing what they got correct and incorrect with the correct answer provided. This gives a student a real feel of an exam environment and keeps them engaged with the content.

The site also has downloadable PDF exams and assessments that can be done offline.  A student can attempt each exams and assessments multiple times for practice.

Beyond exam preparation the site has over 200 free education resources for kindergarten through high school students and their parents and teachers. Most of the resources are free and include downloadable E-books, textbooks, teaching materials, video lessons/tutorials educational games and activities.

For only Ksh. 500 per month a student can get access to all practice exams and assessments.  They also offer discounted rates to schools and provide training to teachers and students on how to use the system. This is a much better and cheaper way for students prepare for exams compared to buying revision textbook.

All practice exams and assessments can be accessed and attempted from a computer or mobile device by going directly to the website.  Free mobile apps are also available for both Android and OS devices.

The developers of Kenya Exam Center also provide E-Learning for primary, high schools, colleges, universities and corporate trainings.

Here is a short video clip giving an overview of the website and how easy it is to navigate and attempt practice exams and assessments: https://youtu.be/P7jGLQKvyBc

For more details go to www.kenyaexamcenter.com or contact them at info@kenyaexamcenter.com or Tel: 0740823998 or 0717713493.

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  1. An excellent service. Schools in Nairobi are using it.

  2. Found it helpful and quite informative

  3. I am doing my KCPE, in this year of 2017, so I am now preparing for it and I also thank God who gives my daily needs.
    And I wish to pass my KCPE examination, and also I would like you to assist me in term of sending me some informations.
    Thank you a lot.

  4. If anyone wants a free trial account kindly enter your details on this form: https://goo.gl/forms/Geopl3hEYVoNY8DE3
    Your access details will be emailed to you.