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Enhance Tusome Programme at TTCs

By Samson Nzyoka.

It was great joy recently to see about 500 teacher trainees graduate at Kericho Teachers Training College under the leadership of Chief Principal, Elda. Achungo.
Out of the 500, about 200 teachers who taught Standard Two and Three taught English and Kiswahili using TUSOME methodology.
This was a great move to ensure that teacher trainees are compliant to the current trends in the field of teaching.
Our sister College, Kipsigis Teachers Training College also managed to take their teacher trainees through the same programme.
Almost the same number went through the same programme. This is an indication that Teacher Training Colleges could play a key role in ensuring that tutors have acquired this methodology of teaching languages as part of their training before graduating.
The report from the external assessors and more so from Kiswahili author of MUSURURU WA KISWAHILI, Suleiman Mirikau and his team was very encouraging.
However, scientific research has shown tremendous results and gains of Tusome Programme since its implementation in 2015.
Mutahi Miricho wrote an article on this on 22/4/2017 that showed the impact of this literacy programme in English and Kiswahili in Kenya.
In his article, he said that this is the only programme that has been consistent in promoting learning of both English and Kiswahili.
Now that the nation is preparing for the full implementation of the new curriculum next year, it should be noted that languages play a key role in promoting the competence based curriculum.
It should also be noted that Teacher Education is very important and therefore as the nation engages in the transformation, TUSOME methodology should be part of the components of the reforms. Teachers who have gone through this programme are able to deliver better and especially for early grades (grade 1, 2 and 3).
The new curriculum will require new approaches to some extend so as to ensure that the expected outcomes have been achieved.
We cannot deny that we need “a New wine in a new wine skin.” We hope that those teachers who have gone through this training in college will have an added value as they join the teaching profession.
Kericho TTC and Kipsigis TTC hope to move an extra mile in providing more training in line with the current training.
With this basic knowledge on Tusome, the continuous in-service of all class 1, 2 and 3 that goes on every holiday will sharpen their skills and make them to be at par with the other regular teachers.
The continuous in-servicing of the Tusome teachers is empowering them for better performance.
The Principal Secretary, Dr. BelioKipsang emphasized on the need to reform (PTE) Primary Teacher Education during a graduation ceremony held in Ugenya Teachers Training College (UTTC).
He said that there is a need to retrain teacher so as to provide relevant skills that are child centered.
Tusome is part of the relevant skills required for the same.
Finally, the implementation of the new curriculum is a new move that is necessary especially to re-align our education system with the Sustainable Development Goals.
Issues of Technology and Education have been captured in the new curriculum and the Tusome programme has this component.

Writer is a Kiswahili Lecture at Kericho TTC and a co- author of “Kondoo Mla Nyama Na Hadithi Nyingine” Published By Jomokenyatta Foundation.

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