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TSC orders national headcount of teachers

By Staff Writer.

The teachers’ employer has ordered a national inspection of schools that is likely to culminate in promotions, demotions, transfers, interdictions or even dismissal of tutors from the service.
The Commission has ordered Head teachers and Principals to provide fresh data on their respective institutions and academic staff that would also assist TSC to establish if the school is properly placed in the right administrative unit, such as Sub-county, Division, Zone, Ward and Location.
Through an Internal Memo (TSC/DTM/MEMO/2016) the Commission has commenced physical inspection of schools, and also to establish teachers’ preparedness to handle learners and the condition of their tools of trade.
According to the memo issued by Assistant Deputy Director – Teacher Management Data, Mr D K Kanyoro, TSC Field Officers will be examining fully filled and signed Teacher Appraisal Forms, Lesson plans, Scheme of work, Lesson notes, Teacher’s class attendance records and weekly summary of teacher’s school arrival and departure times.
The Commission officials who have already started a countrywide inspection of schools, according to the memo will also monitor how the Performance Contracting for Principals and Head teachers is progressing on.
States the memo seen by Education News: “The data of all institutions captured in 2016 has been archived to give room for First Term 2017 capture. Institutions are expected to capture data on enrolment, teaching load, instruction classes etc. afresh.
“It is imperative that the Sub-county Directors and the Curriculum Support Officers monitor and verify the data being uploaded by schools especially on enrolment and instructional classes since an audit of the previous capture revealed schools having inflated data. The Commission will carry out a physical validation of data exercise from May 29th, 2017.” says the letter addressed to all County Directors.
TSC last conducted such a massive exercise through a headcount of teachers in 1998 where all schools were inspected with a view of identifying ghost workers.
Education News has since established that some school Heads inflated the data on enrolment and instructional classes because of the enhanced allowances payable to Head teachers and Principals based on the number of students/pupils enrolled in a particular school. Meaning, they would like to cash in on the inflated number of learners in school to draw huge allowances.
All in all, the data to be provided would indicate the status of the school, whether National, Extra-County, County or Sub-county – for Secondary schools; and various categories of Primary schools.
The circular further states: “Enter the enrolment of students/pupils by age as per the class register; indicate instruction classes – this refers to the number of instruction classes that the total number of pupil/students for that level has been registered, for instance, if they are 55 and are learning in one class.
“Capture the teachers’ particulars, including the subjects he/she teaches, number of lessons per week and the class/classes he/she handles. Only the teaching loads for teachers employed by the Commission should be uploaded,” states Kanyoro.
TSC Field Officers are further instructed to establish ‘ghost teachers’ in schools they have been assigned. “If you have a teacher in the school who is not appearing in the list of teacher, capture his/her particulars.
“Capture teachers with Special Needs, and more so, tutors who may be out of school pursuing further studies.
“On Curriculum Based Establishment for schools, ensure that all timetable subjects are noted irrespective of who is teaching; establish the number of students taking the subject by class, and more importantly, the number of instruction classes for that subject,” states the Internal Memo also copied to Sub-county Directors and Curriculum Support Officers.
Notes Kanyoro: “A school may have a teacher who is not able to take a full load due to sickness. This kind of information is important to capture as it will greatly assist the Commission in making informed decisions on school teacher requirements.”
The Commission is carrying out a physical validation of data on teachers and their respective schools because there has been unco-ordinated feedback on the Control Sheet as a reporting tool. The Control Sheets which are generated every month are to be used as a reporting tool by Head of institutions.
The Control Sheet is a record of all teachers coded against an institution on Integrated Personnel Payroll Database (IPPD) system. It contains summarized details of each individual teacher which include TSC number, names, designation, Job Group, salary and allowances paid to the teacher in the respective month.
According to the Director of Teacher Management – Josephine Maundu, there has been unco-ordinated feedback on the Control Sheets as a reporting tool. “In order to streamline the process, TSC County Directors are required to co-ordinate, compile and follow up on feedback from the institutions
“Communication on emerging issues that need immediate attention should be done. This include: Teachers not deployed in the respective institution but are appearing on the list; teachers working in the institution but not coded in the school as they do not appear on the Control Sheet; erroneous coding of the school (verify if the code is correct and not shared by another school); teachers earning erroneous salary and allowances, including wrong Job Groups,” states Maundu in a circular.
Other emerging issues include: “Teachers’ details reflected on the Control Sheet on payroll while they have exited service, have deserted duty or are on interdiction; teachers earning under District Human Resource Officer station yet the school is coded (follow up on un-coded schools for teachers in DHRO stations),”states the circular.

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